With the decadent essence of innocence


Photo: Petr klapper
Prague, 05/2011

“ It is an important tool to contsruct the monster that has to be destroyed every night. Apart from bringing out the feminine it is great to stylize the band and show the connection with the visuals and the music. It is very important to the music and i tend to live what i create. My visions become me and its a kind of game i guess. On stage it is a theraputic process of dressing up , building up a character that can be broken apart in the performance. There is great liberation in that. Putting on the mask and tearing it off to reveal the reality. At a point if you are weak like me , the stage beast takes over its creator. ”


-Chris Corner
Interview 2009


i miss the damn 90s 

Children and stars kiss and lose themselves
they grab my hand and lead me softly.
The gods brought me in a dream landscape,
butterflies fluttered through my soul at midnight


I’ll be Peter Pan and you just be pretty


Sneaker Pimps - This Will Make You Love Again (Lost Lyrics Demo)